1 Ounce Willow Bark (cut & sifted)


1 ounce Salix alba

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Nature’s aspirin, Willow Bark extract has been used for centuries to provide relief for minor aches and pains. **
Botanical name: Salix alba ***
Common Name: Willow Bark
Country of origin: Bulgaria
Cut: Cut & Sifted
Plant part: Bark

*** Several species of willow are used to produce willow bark herb, Salix alba, S. Fragilis, S. daphnoides and S. purpurea. All contain adequate levels of the important constituent, salicin, to allow their use as the herb. Salicin was isolated and synthesized into acetylsalicylic acid in the 1850s and eventually marketed as aspirin in the late 1890s by Frederich Bayer & Co.

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